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In a Nutshell

Owner at ELEVEN by Jules engaging in below roles

Global Expansion @ BUNGEE SUPER FLY

CEE Business Partner @ VITANA-X

New Business Developer 

Premium products Marketer

Outside of the box Strategist

Health & Wellness KEY Contributor

Work With Me


                                                      intelligent #SALES | market #DEVELOPMENT | upscaled #STRATEGY | #CONNECTING brands | driving #GROWTH through #INNOVATION | wellness in #BUSINESS

🕚 What?

Leading #REVOLUTIONARY projects, via smart sales and refined strategies, that help start-ups and fresh brands penetrate key markets, create local synergies, identify new contributors and targeted business partners.

🕚 Why?

Time is #MONEY for your brand! So, if I do my job in 30 minutes, it's because I spent 10 years learning how to do that in 30 minutes, so fast-forward your earnings, don't wait 10 years!

🕚 For Who?

Specializing in areas related to the outside & inside of our precious body such as: #WELLNESS #WELLBEING #NUTRITION #SPORTS #BEAUTY & #FASHION. Any other idea? LET ME HEAR it.

Interested in working together?  

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