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Why 11

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 Sometimes, we reach for signs in search for answers.

11 is about #YOU, your own story, your motivation to get better, to strive for more, coming from within, expanding to the outside.

let's #GROW and #GLOW !!!

If you quickly Google the meaning of 11 you will see messages like

“Number 11 is the Master number that is related to Karma. This number is also a symbol of spiritual awakening.

If this number keeps appearing very often by your side, it means that you should turn more to your spiritual life.

You have your life purpose on this planet and you need to serve to others.

Master number 11 is also called Teacher, which means that it can teach you lessons that are very important for your life.”

11 showed up many times in my recent journey and this is when I understood I've been guided by its power.

Sometimes we need a symbol, rather than a mentor to empower us.


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