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Project leader for a pioneering fashion project, a high-tech 25’000 pieces of Swarovski crystals dress.

The jaw-dropping design required computer 3D simulations, algorithmic design methods and digital prototyping.

It took 6 months to assembly and amazed the FASHION WORLD and its experts


Based on a multi-disciplinary approach, the sculptural design is achieved through completely new ways of using Swarovski elements. Informed by complex algorithms, the crystals are acting as structural elements as well as ornaments in order to form the fluid geometry and continuous surfaces or the dress. Simultaneously, they also behave like coloured 3D pixels, illustrating three-dimensional discrete patterns and organic reliefs.


The FORÆVA crystal dress designed by Lana Dumitru & Vlad Tenu was worn on stage by magnificent Björk,

as part of her UTOPIA Tour in 2018. The show took place at Eden Project in Cornwall, a perfect setup for a concert with

a magical stage set designed as a utopian garden where technology and nature are in harmonic symbiosis.

The FORÆVA crystal dress appeared as a seamlessly integrated hybrid organism in an ever-changing landscape of moving flora and fauna that hosted the flute septet and the other musicians.

Huge thanks to Björk and her amazing team, Edda Gudmundsdottir, James Merry. Photos: Santiago Felipe.


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