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Partnership Integration

Establishing company goals and develop action plan

Generating a prospect list of strong partnerships depending on industry

Facilitating communication between business entities

Providing strategic insight and guidance for business goals

Arbitrating business decisions and strategies until contracts are signed

Strategic Business Development

Define and set target audience

Research perspective issues, buying behavior and competitors

Identify competitive advantages

Define overall business development strategy

Choose business development tactics and market approach

Monitor implementation and impact.


Brand Management

Define brand identity

Compile an industry data factsheet

Create brand differentiators

Attributes & benefits of products | service

Brand scope in the market

Commercial Management

Growing a profitable portfolio of customers | partnerships for the company

Negotiating and overseeing contracts

Pursuing new business opportunities

Supervising and implementing company's sales and marketing strategies


Core competency strategies

Identifying the core business practices within the company that can leverage existing strengths to maximize profitability.

If the company has established a reputation for providing high-quality goods and services that are consistent, this core competency could remain a long-term strategy that ensures sustainable growth.


Customer-driven strategies

This strategy is all about the customer’s experience, and all operational decisions are determined by looking at it, which involves engaging your customers and altering your strategy based on their feedback.

Competitive strategies

Distinguishing your business from others in the same environment/market, and requiring consideration of what the competitors are doing. Your strategy would then consist of finding quantifiable ways to differentiate your business and set it apart from the rest.

Business Meeting

Product or services strategies

Requires focus on quality control of existing products or services, as well as development of new offerings.

This process involves four activities − definition of market, development of offering, development of strategic assets, and preparation for the implementation of the strategies.

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