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I've been a sales person all my life, I think I sold my case to God when I applied for the Human position, here on earth 🌍 God must have said " pick this one, she's been consistent enough".

I sold cars, insurance policies, tourism services, hair devices, crystals and finally DNA analytics and micellized vitamins, as part of my new role. If you ask my mom, she probably doesn't understand what I really do even now, but that is fine, as long as she sees me happy.

I actually hate the role of a salesperson, to me it sounds like someone who pushes you in a corner, until you say “YES, I will buy your damn product”. I think I am a better sales person, when I am actually not aware of my role, but when I simply TELL MY STORY. Did you guys realize that people most probably buy a service or a product, because of the person sitting in front? Maybe you are not aware but you are doing the same. You BUY because the seller has charisma, smells nice, he's confident, he's trustable, friendly or has nice shoes. Ahz and by the way, YOU also buy because you are having a good day! For example, when I am moody, not even Saint Peter can sell me angels, for FREE!!

I heard people saying "I can't sell, I am not good at, I am shy, I don't have the proper skills"! Well, let me tell you a fact, YOU ACTUALLY DO, but you don't stress over the idea of selling! When you go to a date, you sell yourself - you talk about your hobbies, your life, achievements; YOU even sell yourself on TINDER trying to stand out! When you go to an interview, you sell yourself - you try to get the job, so you bring out the big weapons; in a group of friends you recommend a product by talking about how much it helped you or how efficient it is; when you POST about a restaurant, a spa, a retreat, a book you read, your favorite skin care brand !!! YES !!! that IS SELLING guys, because you influence their perception! Well BRAVO, you might have just discovered, you are really a pure seller, but have never been conscious of it, so now you can put sales on your resume skills, why not!?

TAKE-OUT MEMO: Unconscious selling is as valuable as trained selling, because veganism is rising, so does natural selling :)

Namaste dear professionals,



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