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As the world is evolving to a more spiritual approach, a NEW ERA OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP is also needed for the purpose of TRANSFORMATIONAL BUSINESS. We exchange the traditional meaning of the B2B with the P2P – People to People, because it’s not the company that brings the innovation - it’s the PERSON that works for it, it’s not the product that brings the SALE - it’s the PERSON that promotes the benefits. It has always been the PERSON behind but we decided to focus more on the BRAND & COMPANY and less on the people that generate it.

The business world as we once knew it FADES OUT to the bright shining professionals that STAND OUT. We target people - not companies; we approach individuals - not brands; we work with freelancers - not agencies; we hire people – not workforce solutions; we sell to independent distributors – not mass market retailers; we hire a coach – not pay for online courses; we go to a nutritionist – not to a clinic; we buy from a family owned business – not from supermarkets!

MINDFULNESS BUSINESS is the emotional trigger that generates the purchase; it’s the human approach to the unhuman multinational corporation; it’s the less disruptive road to success which is based on wellbeing principles; it’s the version of the BIO BUSINESS, the FREE FROM CORPORATE GENETIC ENGINEERING! Weather you are buying or selling a product MINDFULNESS BUSINESS can upscale you to a higher energy that not only connects your products to the employees and consumers but help you define new unique selling perspectives that are in accordance to the new world vibe!

Just to give you a short example .. you sell a face cream … that “ MAKES YOU FEEL RADIANT, FRESH and RINKLESS start diminishing in 2 weeks ” – ohz really? 95% of the brands are doing the same! What if you look at your product from a different mindfulness perspective and could actually find that attribute which stimulates a different meaning into your consumers inner emotions. What about “ 120 years of research in a bottle, nature’s way of saying THANKS, what do you say back?”. You connect to its roots, to its history, to the grounds, to the emotional birth of the brand, where it came from and how many years and generations worked for it. You engage your customers in doing something in return, you make them part of the concept, you create a bond.

Cheers to many more mindfulness business stories and less corporate guidelines!

Namaste dear professionals,



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