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Fly a real fighter jet – even if you have never flown a plane on your own before! One of our experienced flight instructors will be carefully preparing you for the flight, explaining the instruments and finally taking off with you.

This is not a simulation. You are flying real high-performance jets with real ex-military pilots.

Fly a real fighter jet,
take your life to another level

During the jet flight, you will even get the chance to control the jet by yourself and perform stunning maneuvers in the jet fighter aircraft. The flight consists of maneuvers like loops, rolls, Immelmann turns and split-s. Depending on the aircraft and location, spectacular low-passes above the airfield as well as supersonic flights are possible.

Top gun experience,
hands on

Jet-air combat, edge of space, zero gravity

Experience the thrill of air dogfight and gain the air supremacy.

High-speed low-level flying and ground attack missions as never seen before!

The images of floating astronauts in total weightlessness fascinate everybody.

This pleasure of weightlessness isn’t only possible on the international space station ISS, but also far lower – with a parabolic flight onboard a modified Boeing 727 in the United States.

Located near you


Locations in America & Canada

Locations in Europe and Russia

Whether you plan a unique self-experience, a gift, trip with friends, a company event, a team-building event, a key account, or sales-incentive – we offer what none of the participants will ever forget. This is unique and can’t be found elsewhere in the world. 

Limitless horizons

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