Privileged to have worked with the most dazzling brands from various segments and industries, enriching my experience and expertise throughout the common journey.


From sketches and prototyping to catwalks and red carpets! Working on complex design proposals, brand and collection PR activities, fashion events and social media coverage.



Every brand needs the IT effect, the master projects, the WOW moment. I stepped in to create the premium synergy, the unexpected collaboration, drove the project from A to Z, from local to global. Loved the journey!


Every season is governed by a new collection, trends determined by demographic indicators and social movement. My role: upscaling brands to another level, creating international exposure, being a spokesperson and penetrating in various retail projects.


Noble Gestures, the limited crystal edition, was created around emotions and empathy. All generated profits were raised to support a humanitarian cause, in order for disadvantaged children to benefit of education. A great joy to lead the project from idea, to planning and creation.


Big brands need big campaigns to stay in the consumer focus, whether we talk about a GWP or a loyalty activity. Created an attractive concept, worked around the implementation, offered customized solutions, supervised the flow, cheered when the products

were SOLD OUT!


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