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With our software, brands or creators can retain and grow their customer & fan base by creating unique and tailored experiences with their own customizable NFT marketplace.

We provide a marketplace solution powered by WEB3

Easy-to-use Web3 platform that takes your brand experience to the next level.

By running your own NFT marketplace, you can decide how your digital collectibles are presented and sold. You are giving consumers and fans a unique experience tailored to your brand. You can set commissions and royalties that suit your preferences without relying on
the terms and conditions of public marketplaces.

Enhance the user experience

AUTHIC is the perfect marketing tool to activate your story

Digital collectibles are changing storytelling by providing new ways to monetize, retain and engage with your audience.

@Create NFTs that reflect the story of your brand.

@Partner with creators to generate collectibles that align with your brands story.

@Use them to create interactive and engaging experiences for your audience.

New revenue streams


Advertising campaigns

Loyalty programs

Having your own marketplace allows you to collect data on your buyers and sellers which you can use to
improve sales and marketing strategies.


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