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In a Nutshell

Nice to e-meet, I am Iulia - my friends call me Jules - and like to consider myself a hybrid entrepreneur!

Skilled & Trained in a multicultural environment within 15 years of experience in multinational companies in fields like FMCG, Luxury Goods and Travel, with global projects that made top headlines. Growing and glowing brands since 2020, as an independent consultant within short to mid and long term projects on STRATEGIC BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT | COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT | PARTNERSHIP INTEGRATION |BUSINESS STRATEGIES | BRAND MANAGEMENT.

Being FREE and above all, making a hobby out of my daily activity! Engaging in crazy synergies, going global but thinking local, creating bold proposals with high aim, down to earth but ready to fly. With a creative sense, you’ll see me engage in multiple challenging and exciting projects that stimulate my forever curiousness. Always learning and discovering new skills that the world could benefit either personally or professionally.


As of ELEVEN, it showed up many times in my recent journey and this is when I understood I've been guided by its power.

Master number 11 is also called Teacher, which means that it can teach you lessons that are very important for your life.




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